DAA Indivisible/Shame NRA Bloodsuckers

My last post on this…at least today. But, things are moving fast and I want you to know the latest and and pass it to your kids. I’ve seen some different dates posted online, but March 14 seems like the one for a national school walk out that has the National Women’s March behind it. […]

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DAA Indivisible/Just Watch…and Pass Along to Your Kids

I feel the energy of revolution (finally) being birthed. We adults Must use our power to propel it. Please, please, please pass this video along to your children. Help them call. Help them show up to protest. Help them be heard. I will be doing so.

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DAA Indivisible/Net Neutrality Fun

Net Neutrality can be saved with one more Senate vote. I had fun clicking away on this, so I decided to share. Former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai smiled smugly while he dismantled the basic protections that keep the Internet free from censorship, throttling, and exorbitant fees. And he thinks he’s gotten away with it. But […]

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