The Democratic Alliance for action (DAA) is the largest and most active Democrat Club in the Santa Clarita Valley.  The DAA is a warm and welcoming group where Democrats meet, make friends, and make a difference in the Santa Clarita Valley and our country.The DAA strives to provide a forum for Santa Clarita Valley residents to come and share goals and purposes consistent with the Democratic Party.

The DAA is also active in issues of local, national, and international importance as well as charitable endeavors throughout the community.The DAA is a chartered club under the auspices of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and strives to advance a positive public image for the principles and platforms of the Democratic Party.


Officers 2016-2018
Patti Skinner Sulpizio, President -

Jerry Danielsen, Vice President -

Bruce McFarland, Corresponding Secretary -

Braddon Mendelson, Recording Secretary -

John Anderson, Controller/Treasurer -

Committee Chairs:
Rabiah Coon, Membership -

Malcolm Blue, Outreach -

Bruce McFarland, Parliamentarian/Bylaws, Social Media -

Diana Shaw, Indivisible -

Barbara Crème, Neighbor2Neighbor 

Edel Alonso, Latino Outreach -

Elaine Whitebook, Postcard Project -

Paul Yamashita, Voter Registration -


Click here for a copy of the current approved and adopted bylaws. Added 2/17/16
Click here for an updated copy of the endorsement rules and procedures. Added 3/14/16

For more information contact us at:
661-309-4 DAA (4322).

Democratic Alliance For Action
PO BOX 800222,
Santa Clarita CA