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DAA is a grassroots organization and the largest chartered Democratic club in the Santa Clarita Valley in northern Los Angeles County. We all win when local Democrats work together. Join DAA today to help turn our valley blue.

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DAA News

  • 2018 Congressional Candidates’ Forum

    NOW: Democratic candidates sparring for the 25th Congressional District seat are talking about issues ranging from school shootings to immigration at a forum in Newhall. Politics reporter Andrew Clark is live at the Democratic Alliance for Action of Santa Clarita – DAA forum.Posted by Santa Clarita Valley Signal on Thursday, January 25, 2018

DAA Indivisible

  • DAA Indivisible/Net Neutrality on the Line – Interesting News about SCV

    From Indivisible National -The Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed net neutrality rules that ensured that all internet traffic be treated equal. During the Obama years, the FCC classified the internet as a “Title II common carrier,” mandating that the internet be treated as a public utility and be provided to the public without discrimination. …(Read More)

  • DAA Indivisible/GOP to Vote Against Food for the Poor

    (From Indivisible National) The farm bill covers many issues related to food and agriculture (including farm subsidies, rural development, and bioenergy). It’s usually authorized every five years, and it is set to expire this year. The bill includes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or “food stamps”)—and Republicans want to make massive cuts to it. …(Read More)

  • DAA Indivisible/Don’t Privatize the VA

    My parents were WWII Veterans. My mother had a serious service connected disability, so was eligible for VA care. One time, back in the 80’s I thought it would be more convenient to go to a private caregiver. What a mistake. My family will forever be grateful for the care my mother received from the …(Read More)