DAA Indivisible/Stop Council Anti-Sanctuary Madness

Midnight raids in our neighborhoods, homeless children roaming our streets? California is a sanctuary state to avoid things like this. California’s law enforcement personnel do not use local resources to cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for immigration infractions. It does not mean criminals go free. Local enforcement is free to get arrest warrants from a federal judge. The law does not protect those convicted in the last 15 years for one of a list of 31 crimes, or registered sex offenders. The Los Angeles County Sheriff supports the law. It ensures that immigrants will feel safe in reporting crime without fear of deportation.

Notwithstanding the logic behind law enforcement support, Santa Clarita’s City Council has moved to become an anti-sanctuary city! Councilmember Bob Kellar, who in the past famously proclaimed himself a “proud racist” made a motion to direct city staff to draft a resolution for discussion and action at the May 8th City Council meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Cameron Smyth. Remember those who pander to White Nationalists, causing chaos and heartbreak in our city. These issued can be solved by Washington. They should DO IT. The matter will be on the agenda for May 8th, 6PM.

Councilmember Kellar praised the anti-immigration activists and said their voices were heard. Gee, Councilman Kellar, your radar must be fine tuned to White Nationalist rhetoric, because you didn’t hear us on Measure S and the Chiquita Canyon Landfill expansion.

We must show our City Council where we stand. Here are some easy steps to take to make a difference:

1- RSVP and plan to attend the May 8th City Council meeting. You can find the invitation on Facebook here:

2- Write to all members of the City Council to express your concerns about their plans and why you support the new law (SB-54). Their email addresses are as follows:

Mayor Laurene Weste: lweste
Councilmember Marsha McLean: mmclean
Councilmember Bob Kellar: bkellar
Councilmember Cameron Smyth: csmyth
Councilmember Bill Miranda: bmiranda

Sample message for your email – feel free to use this, tailor it to your liking, or write your own:

Dear Councilmember/Mayor ________,

I’m opposed to any action that would undermine California State Law pertaining to the California Values Act (SB54). This law ensures that state and local resources are not used to: Fuel mass deportations and midnight raids in our neighborhoods;separate families adding homeless children to our streets; and hurt California’s economy . It ensures that California schools, health facilities, public libraries, and courthouses will remain safe and accessible to all California residents, regardless of immigration status.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff supports the law because it ensures that immigrants will feel safe to report crime without fear of deportation. We cannon do anything that will reduce trust between the community and law enforcement. There is already too long a response time to crime reports, so going off on our own to subordinate our priorities to ICE will make wait times longer and make it more difficult for our already under-resourced sheriff station to focus on its job to keep our community safe. Burdening them with federal immigration responsibilities is jurisdictional overreach.

For those reasons and more, I urge you to not undermine the California Values Act.

(Insert your name)

(Thanks to soon to be installed DAA E-Board Member Julie Olsen)

Additional points you may like to incorporate *(courtesy of Alliance San Diego):

a) Prevents local and state police from asking people about their immigration status – Having local police also ask for “papers” incites more fear and could potentially deter people from calling the police during an emergency or deter them from reporting crimes.

b) Prevents local and state police from giving immigration and border agents access to individuals in prisons and jails – Federal agencies have no jurisdiction over state prisons and local jails. They should not be allowed to enter these facilities to apprehend people without showing a warrant. When immigration agents assert the the power to seize people without warrants, they undercut our constitutional protections and set a dangerous precedent for federal overreach. NOTE: Councilmember Smyth cited “Sacramento overreach” for his reason for supporting Kellar’s motion – that’s disingenuous and contradictory.

c)Prevents local and state police from arresting people for violations of immigration law – Local and state police officers are not immigration officials. Police officers should be focusing on keeping their communities safe and not tasked with duties outside of their jurisdiction. As it is, our LASD SCV Station is under-resourced. We do not need to have their attention focused on doing the jobs of other agencies – doing so could reduce their ability to keep our community free from serious crime.

d) Requires schools, health facilities, and courthouses to adopt policies that limit assistance with Immigration officials – People should feel secure when traveling to school, attending medical appointments, or conducting business in the courts. These are everyday travels that should not result in harassment from immigration officials or deportation. Our local schools have resolved to protect student and staff records and we need to support them by ensuring our city doesn’t contradict the state law.

To recap:
1-mark your calendar and show up on May 8th, 6PM at City Hall
2-write to City Councilmembers
3-pass it on!

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