DAA Indivisible/Save California Net Neutrality – Urgent

State legislators in California have introduced the best net neutrality bill in the country.But powerful telecom giants like AT&T are pulling out all the stops to kill it before it even gets to a vote, and the word on the street is they’ve hired up basically every contract lobbyist in Sacramento.

The California net neutrality fight has implications for the whole country. If this bill passes, it will set a strong precedent for other states and build momentum for Congress to restore protections at the federal level. California is so big that strong protections there will be a major deterrent to ISP abuses in other states.

But if it fails, it will be a blow to the net neutrality movement as a whole, and hurt us at a pivotal moment in the fight.

The California State Legislature’s Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee will decide whether to advance the bill THIS TUESDAY. Call these senators right now and tell them to support SB 822 to restore net neutrality:

  • Ben Hueso (Chair) | 916-651-4040
  • Robert Hertzberg | 916-651-4018
  • Steve Bradford | 916-651-4035
  • Henry Stern | 916-651-4027
  • Jerry Hill | 916-651-4013

Say something like: Give California’s small businesses a chance to compete by saving Net Neutrality.

This affects all of us, so you should call whether you live in California or not. But these senators hearing from Golden State residents and small businesses will have the most impact, so please share this widely with anyone you know there.

Here’s how else to help:

  • Send a letter to California State Legislators here
  • Encourage small businesses to sign on to our letter here
  • Share this and forward it to everyone you know!

All eyes on California,[from fightforthefuture.org]

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