DAA Indivisible/Tax Scam Update

By keeping the Tax Scam alive in the media, its unpopularity stuck. And when voters in battleground Congressional districts are surveyed, they say they’re less likely to support their MoCs for reelection if they voted in favor of the Tax Scam. Republicans even tried to run on it in PA-18, and it backfired so badly they had to pull television ads!

Now we have another public opportunity to make noise and call out our members of Congress who voted to give themselves a tax cut at the expense of the rest of us:

From April 10 to 17 there are over 100 Tax March events all across the country. Here’s the event closest to us —

What: Tax March 2018 – Los Angeles
Where: Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA
When: Sunday, April 15, 12:00 PM

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