DAA Indivisible/Tuesday’s 45 Protests

Tuesday, Donald Trump will be making his first trip to California since the 2016 Election. He will be inspecting the demonstration project for his ridiculous border wall in San Diego, and then he’ll be attending a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

California leads the Resistance for a reason – and we are going to make sure Trump knows what Californians think of his corrupt and racist administration.

As soon as word of Trump’s visit broke, grassroots activists and leaders began organizing demonstrations in San Diego and Los Angeles. The CDP’s field team has been working closely with event organizers to get information to Grassroots Democrats so we can make our voices heard at these rallies alongside progressive activists from around California.

See below for a list of the various protests, press conferences and demonstrations that have been planned. Make sure you RSVP using the links provided – some details are still being finalized, so RSVP to make sure you get the most up-to-date information.

You can also sign up for the CDP’s mobile texting service – text TRUMP to 97779 to get CDP Action Alerts on Trump’s visit and future opportunities for California Democrats to make our voices heard.

Democratically Yours,

The CDP Team

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