DAA Indivisible/How Do You Make Sick People Work?

There is much to address this week, including Dreamers and what to do if 45 tampers with Mueller. And, we’ll get to that tomorrow. Meanwhile, we shouldn’t ignore this tidbit that sneaked through the headlines. Health and Human Services (HHS) has allowed states to require Medicaid recipients to work. This doesn’t make sense to me, since its not clear how sick people can work. But, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Utah and Wisconsin. have jumped on board and 10 more states are lined up. I called California HHS and Jerry Brown’s office and they have no such plans, so I don’t see this happening in Blue California, unless our financial situation gets really bad…but, if 45’s brainchildren keep growing, who knows.

It gets worse. The newest trial balloon from HHS is to putt a cap on Medicaid.

On July 30, 1965, President Johnson signed the Social Security Amendments which established Medicare and Medicaid, promising that they would “improve a wide range of health and medical services for Americans of all ages.” And it worked. Now, 45 wants to limit the number of months that low-income adults have access to Medicaid benefits. You heard that right. In the middle of the opioid epidemic, People get sicker as they get older. The result will be a massive crisis in cities and states as poor people lose their health care.

Under 45’s plan, low-wage workers who do not get health care through their jobs could reach their Medicaid maximum even though they are working. Employers who pay low wages and don’t provide health care will not be penalized. But their workers will be.

The point of this is to shred the safety net to pay for the tax scam that gave the wealthy and Big Pharma a permanent tax break. We will fight Trump and his administration People’s Action, an organization dedicated to fighting tooth and nail to prevent time limits, work requirements, eligibility lockouts and other policies that seek to limit Medicaid. is asking for your help here: http://click.actionnetwork.org/mpss/c/5gA/ni0YAA/t.2es/wbrkRT0JQnuVj2mBlaqugQ/h1/aHO21LnX1DH2iKGsTPn3bYhi39zkK-2F5KLSrcx61KPVHAvHt-2Fio1NcbhVZzveekh6mW7oE0r81j3rP1EwE6211wwotz4uijSqb0-2B6-2BX8dSneN02uVqoS5fDrde1RLYYKso0Q0bLYaIb3B36wQvLjT-2FOjZnfs113EbE91N1woV4ps98ya8ksm5rFqs3jy1Tp5ORKgKbJ3vfQA0kEE491XRkBDM4qfTViHafnrRRcT1yg8nTZQWK38fzJh2BQ8RYYr1

Call the HHS comment line and say something like this: I’m from zip code ________ and I have a comment –

Please don’t push for a cap on Medicaid benefits. People get sicker as they get older, there is an opiod epidemic, and a cap will result in a massive health care crisis affecting us all.

HHS Comment Line –


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