DAA Indivisible: Go California Rebels! (Easy Petition)

(From Courage Campaign) Bet you thought the fight for net neutrality was over! Think again.  California state senators are preparing legislation to bring the fight home, protect net neutrality in our Golden State, and.

be a model for other states. If this works, it will be harder for Comcast, Verizon, and other big telecom companies to justify anti-consumer schemes that violate net neutrality elsewhere in the country.

The telecom industry will fight California’s net neutrality legislation with everything it’s got.

Washington, New York, and California have all introduced state-level net neutrality legislation and these states will play a huge role in protecting the open Internet in 2018.  We’re in this fight because Californians rely on a fair, free, and open Internet to remain a hub of business innovation, cutting-edge political organizing, and free expression.

45’s FCC commissioners have tried to protect their friends in Big Telecom by forbidding states from passing their own net neutrality rules. But our ingenious representatives State Senate President Kevin de Leon (D-L.A./East L.A.) and Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) came up with a plan.  They are seeking to thread the needle by forcing telecom companies to agree to net neutrality rules as a condition of accessing utility poles, which are owned by the state.

We know that telecom companies, and even the federal government, will fight California’s net neutrality laws in court.  Our representatives need to be encouraged, so…

Click here to tell the California legislature to keep fighting and defend net neutrality!

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