DAA Indivisible: Budget Vote/DACA/CHIP/Good News Sort of…

The rubber meets the road. Tomorrow the government shuts down without a continuing resolution to keep it going.

Republicans cannot pass the year-end spending bill without Democratic support. That gives Democrats the leverage to protect the immigrants and children most threatened by 45 and his goons.

Mitch McConnell’s list of priorities for the year-end spending bill include federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), but recent reports reveal that Republicans may not restore CHIP until the new year. Permanent protection for Dreamers didn’t even make it on the list.  California’s Senators are standing up.  Time to let them know we have their backs, because 45 has waxed poetic about shutting the government down.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) gave many people brought to the United States as children by their parents, also known as Dreamers, the ability to work and live in the country. Since 45 ended the program, 122 Dreamers a day lose their work permits and protection from deportation.

On Dec. 15, police jailed seven courageous Dreamers who occupied Sen. Schumer’s and Rep. Curbelo’s offices to demand that Congress pass a clean DREAM Act. These Dreamers went on hunger strike for nearly a week before police released them from custody.

CHIP gives more than 9 million low- and middle-income children of working families access to life saving health care. Republicans allowed it to expire in September. Now, more than a dozen states that have had federal  funding dry up are preparing to shut down their CHIP program completely.  Parents of kids on cancer treatment have been getting letters telling them they have to find other resources. On a more basic level, kids are not getting their teeth checked.

This is an insurance program paid paid for by parents because they cannot get affordable insurance for their children for reasons like the employer doesn’t provide family coverage. . Mitch McConnell says that restoring CHIP is a priority, but we cannot let up until Congress approves federal funding for the program.

Right wingers will be leaving loads of nasty messages.To keep Dreamers safe and millions of children healthy, our Senators are keeping their commitments and using their leverage. We MUST thank them. Your call WILL be tallied.

Call each Senator and say something like:
I’d like to thank the Senator for pledging to block any year-end spending package that does not include a clean DREAM Act and federal funding for CHIP.

Senator Dianne Feinstein:  
Washington:  202.224.3841
L.A.: 310.914.7300
San Diego: 619.231.9712
Fresno: 559.485.7430
San Francisco: 415.393.0707

Senator Kamala Harris

Washington D.C. (202) 224.3553
Los Angeles (213) 894.5000

Fresno:  559.497.5109

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