DAA Indivisible: Net Neutrality Call to Arms December 12

First of all, call, call, call to tell Congressman Knight that you hate the Republican tax bill that denies cancer treatment to Medicare patients, and takes away our right to deduct California state and local taxes. It does a whole bunch of other unsavory things, like adding so much to the debt that Republicans have admitted they’ll have to make up the shortfall from Social Security and Medicare (I heard Bernie Sanders corner a Republican Senator into admitting this)..  Enough said.  You know all this.  Just keep calling, have your friends call, and say something like:

Please don’t vote for this tax bill. It denies cancer treatment to Medicare patients and takes away our right to deduct state and local taxes. It is just bad for California.

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630
Net Neutrality is almost history.  It doesn’t matter that an overwhelming number of Americans support it – why would anyone want to pay more for access to internet.tiers, like we pay for cable channels? The FCC votes on December 14. Fightforthefuture.org is making the below call to arms.  Mark your calendar for December 12-  And, look forward to calling Congress.

Today, we announced a *massive online day of action* for December 12th that we’re calling “Break the Internet,” and we need every website, app, and user to help us make it huge.

For December 12th, we’re asking you to get creative and do everything possible to interrupt everyday experience by symbolically “breaking” your site, app, or social media channel. We don’t actually want to break anything. We want to get people’s attention by showing what an Internet broken by censorship, throttling, and new fees would look like, then ask them to call Congress and demand lawmakers stop the FCC’s repeal.

If enough of the Internet takes action on December 12th, we can make Congress do the right thing and stop the FCC’s vote. Join us, and help save net neutrality.

With the day of action coming just 48 hours before the FCC’s December 14th vote, it’s crucial that users from across the country call Congress and demand that they do everything in their power to stop the FCC.

There is huge momentum to save the open web. The BattleForTheNet.com campaign has driven 750,000 calls to Congress. Tomorrow, over 600 protests are set to take place at Verizon stores across the country. And huge music stars are speaking out in magazines like Rolling Stone. But need to focus this energy to win.

If you run a website or have a large social media community, then your participation is extra important on December 12th.

Here are the most important things you can do right now:

  1. Sign up to ‘Break the Internet’ and hit REPLY to let us know if your site can do more.
  2. Share the protest on Facebook and Twitter. We need to reach as many people as possible.
  3. If you run a website, add a BattleForTheNet widget using this code. You just need to embed a bit of javascript, and your site will empower users to call Congress.
  4. Add a banner to your site or social media profile and link to BattleForTheNet.com.
  5. Blog about the December 12th Day of Action. Tell your followers why net neutrality matters to you, and then send us a link so we can share it!

Please do what you can to protest the FCC’s extreme net neutrality repeal by “breaking” your site, app, or social media profiles on December 12th. We need to get creative and help draw attention to the importance of net neutrality and the open Internet.

And if you have a great idea, share it with us! We want to see what you come up with.

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