RSVP: Rally for net Neutrality

The FCC Chair, Ajit Pai, has scheduled a vote on December 14 to kill net neutrality and let Big Telecom run amok. And we’re running out of time to stop him.

Widespread opposition to this vote is growing but it’s not enough. Now is the time to step up the game. So Courage Campaign has joined a broad coalition to save net neutrality, starting with a nationwide protest on December 7We’re asking you to join us in using our people power to fight this. We need to let the FCC and Big Telecom know that we won’t stand down and that our rights are more important than their profits.

RSVP for an event near you to let the FCC, Big Telecom, and our legislators know we demand net neutrality.

The latest polls show that 76% of Americans — Republicans and Democrats alike — support keeping net neutrality rules in place.(1) But ISP companies, such as Comcast, AT&T, and Pai’s former employer, Verizon, have been lobbying for years to put an end to net neutrality. Without Title II rules protecting the internet as a utility, Big Telecom can dominate the internet, put us in a slow lane unless we pay exorbitant premiums, and block content at will.

So Verizon’s former lawyer and current FCC Chair, Pai, has pushed forward with the plan to overturn net neutrality, despite the nearly 22 million comments the FCC has received that are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping Title II rules in place.(2)

That’s why we’re taking the fight to Congress, whose members can pressure the FCC to drop this horrible vote. On December 7, a coalition of net neutrality advocates, including Courage Campaign, will be staging protests at Verizon stores and legislators’ offices across the country. We’re going to get Congress’s attention by publicly calling out Pai’s former employer and shedding light on just who will benefit when the FCC oveturns net neutrality — and convince our representatives to pressure the FCC to drop its plan.

Will you help make our December 7 protests too big to ignore? RSVP here.

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