DAA Indivisible: DACA Meets the Budget

We’ve rightfully been focused on health care and the Tax Scam. Hopefully, you’ll be able to join me at the press conference and Tax Scam rally at Knight’s office on Wednesday at 3:30PM, because the House has yet to vote on how much of the Senate bill and their own bill will get to 45.

Meanwhile, another huge event takes place this Friday.  While the deadline to find a legislative replacement for DACA isn’t until March, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) will be a bargaining chip in the 2018 budget discussions.  A funding agreement (CR) must be passed by December 8 – that’s this FRIDAY– to avoid a government shutdown. Indivisible is calling on EVERY DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS to pledge to withhold their vote for any CR that doesn’t include the DREAM Act. Republicans are trying to avoid including it in the funding bill, so it’s up to Democrats to stand up for Dreamers.

You’ll recall that in September, 45 rescinded DACA, threatening over 800,000 undocumented young people with deportation.  There are 237,940 DACA recipients in California alone, and each year they contribute $534,124,000 in State and local taxes.  Most of us know a DACA recipient or know someone who does. They can’t get legal work without papers and they have no where to go.

The most robust legislative fix is the DREAM Act, a 2001 bipartisan bill that provides work permits to around a million undocumented immigrants and a pathway to citizenship.

Meanwhile 45 has said his approval would require full funding his wall, hiring of 10,000 more immigration agents, expedited deportation of asylum seekers, and withholding of federal funding of sanctuary cities.

Let’s call our Senators and thank them for the great effort they put into fighting the Republican Tax bill, and ask them to pledge that they won’t vote on a Continuing Resolution without the DREAM Act.  Say something like:

I’d like to thank the Senator for standing strong on the GOP Tax bill. I hope she will only vote on a Continuing Resolution if it includes the DREAM Act.

Senator Kamala Harris

Washington D.C. (202) 224.3553
Los Angeles (213) 894.5000

Fresno:  559.497.5109 

Senator Dianne Feinstein:  
Washington:  202.224.3841
L.A.: 310.914.7300
San Diego: 619.231.9712
Fresno: 559.485.7430
San Francisco: 415.393.0707

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