DAA Indivisible: Complain to the FCC

Our voices need to be heard with regard to 45’s horrible destruction of net neutrality, set for a December 14 FCC vote. Please take action NOW either by phone or petition.
From Courage Campaign – 45’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just announced that they plan to gut net neutrality and solidify corporate control.

The Internet as we know it would come to an end.  Service Providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T would gain unprecedented control over what we can do, say, see, consume, or create online. In the coming weeks, we’ll be part of the movement to flood the FCC with phone calls, encourage thousands of people to attend protests around the country, and stop the corporate takeover of the Internet. It’s no exaggeration to describe the end of net neutrality as a corporate takeover of the Internet. Under the new rules, your Internet Service Provider would be able to completely block or slow down any website or app it wanted to.

But that’s not the only consequence of ending net neutrality. For Internet users like you and me, the cost of Internet access will rise. Free wifi could all but disappear. Big Telecom companies will give you access to their preferred websites and services for free, but make you pay extra to use anyone else’s.  The Internet will eventually look like cable TV — suitable for consumption, but too expensive for regular people to access it to produce their own content. And that would be bad for entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and anyone who wants to express an idea online.

Things look bad now. But we’ve faced long odds before and won. And with an unprecedented surge of activism, we may be able to do it again.

Sign the petition. Tell the FCC “Do not take away our Internet Freedom.”

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