DAA Indivisible: Big Action at Feinstein’s Office Monday

I hope we’re all refreshed from the long holiday week-end and ready for action. A big action is expected at Senator Feinstein’s office to hopefully grab some media about the L.A. area’s view of the Tax Scam..   The below note is direct from national Indivisible –
Dear Indivisibles,

On Monday, fresh off the Thanksgiving break, the Senate will be back in DC and the GOP’s biggest priority is the pushing the #TrumpTaxScam through as fast as they can. That’s why we’re calling for aNational Day of Action on Monday, November 27 and as many in-district events as possible this week.

So far, Indivisible Group Leaders have registered 62 events across the country at Senate district offices over the course of the week, including 50 sit-ins on Monday during our National Day of Action. Can we count on you to join an event in your area to defeat the #TrumpTaxScam? Here’s the closest event to you:

Los Angeles Indivisible National Tax Scam Sit-In
Monday, November 27, 12:00 PM
Senator Diane Feinstein’s office
Los Angeles, CA

So many priorities we care about are on the chopping block in the #TrumpTaxScam, like slashing funding to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Here’s what else the bill does:

  • Gives huge tax cuts to the wealthy by phasing out the estate tax;
  • Families earning $10,000 to $75,000 annually would see their taxes increase;
  • Repeals the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act, which will cause premiums to rise 10 percent and 13 million Americans to lose insurance; and,
  • Slashes the corporate tax rate, so corporations can line the pockets of their shareholders.

Those are just some of the reasons we have to stop the #TrumpTaxScam (read more at TrumpTaxScam.org) — and why it’s so important we show up to events this week. This is the best chance to put real pressure on your senators. There are nearly 10 Republican senators on the fence, and we have to push them to do the right thing.

So, if you can, show up to a #TrumpTaxScam event this week to put pressure on your senator.

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