DAA Indivisible: Personhood from Conception Hidden in Tax Bill

NARAL Alert –  Hidden in the 429-page GOP House Tax Scam bill is a provision that establishes “personhood” by giving legal rights to a fetus for the purposes of college savings accounts. Once that legal precedent is established, it’s a short step to banning abortion. This provision preys on the dream of making college even a little bit more affordable. It’s a cynical bait-and-switch to insert language so radical that even voters in red states have rejected it.

This charade takes the horror of this tax bill to an entirely new level.

7 in 10 Americans support abortion rights— radical “personhood” proposals are deeply unpopular.  My note – Here’s why personhood proposals are rejected by so many legal scholars: The driver in front of you slams his brakes.  You rear end the car and a passenger in the front car is 2 weeks pregnant.  She has a miscarriage. Suddenly, instead of dealing with damages from an unfortunate traffic accident, you’re taken in for murder. Sound crazy? If personhood is defined as beginning from conception, this scenario is NOT crazy.

My job as alerting you to big issues so you can take action – not to fundraise for other organizations.  NARAL is asking for money to do an ad campaign alerting voters.  If you are interested in donating, you can follow the link at the end of this note.  One way or the other please call Congressman Knight so he knows we are aware of this sneak attack, and say something like –

There is a bizarre provision in the Congressman’s tax bill that gives legal rights to a fetus for college savings accounts.  He should take action to delete this provision. This sneak attack on Choice is not supported by the majority of his constituents.

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

Will you chip in $40 to defend choice and stop the hidden “personhood” provision in the GOP tax bill?

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