DAA Indivisible: More Than Prayers

This week we are focusing on the Tax Scam.  These rallies are planned in Palmdale and Simi, I’m checking on SCV, and will let you know if anyone is leading something here.   So, first, below is the information for Palmdale and Simi on the Tax Scam, and below that, PLEASE contact Congressman Knight on gun violence

Congressman Steve Knight’s Simi Valley, CA Office

24 mi away from SCV

When: Tuesday, November 7, 4:00 PM

#TrumpTaxScam! KNIGHT voted against his Constituents’ interest AGAIN! No State Tax Deduction! 1.5 Trillion Added to the Deficit! They are gonna use OUR Social Security and OUR Medicare to pay it!?! Pass-Thrus devastated Kansas and “OUR” Guy took it nationwide! All for Fat Cat Millionaire Tax Breaks! OH. HELL. NO! Join Us and tell Steve Knight to DO HIS JOB! He works for US!

Link to event information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1966584143590127/

Protest Trump / GOP Tax Plan

Corner of Rancho Vista Blvd and 10th Street West

Palmdale, CA 93551

17 mi away from SCV

When: Saturday, November 11, 2:00 PM

We need to show Congress that there is broad resistance to Trump’s and the GOP Tax Plan/Scam. Join us.

Link to event information: Facebook Event


Legislation has been introduced in both the House (H.R. 38) and the Senate (S. 446) that would enact “concealed carry reciprocity,” meaning that states that issue permits allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons to recognize such permits from other states. That means California would have to subject itself to gun crazy laws from other states.

It’s not nearly enough, but the very least that Congress can do right now to protect against gun violence is to strip the silencer provision out of the SHARE Act and prevent the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act from becoming law. As we mourn the latest violence in Texas, call Congressman Knight’s office right now and tell him that “thoughts and prayers” are not enough. Demand that work to block the gun lobby’s priorities from becoming policy.

Say something like:

This is about gun control.  Thoughts and prayers are not enough.  Please do not support HR 38 that would allow concealed carry reciprocity, and definitely strip the silencer provision out of the SHARE Act – why should it be easier for criminals to use silencers?

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

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