DAA Indivisible: Tax Scam

So, Republicans postponed the vote on their tax scam bill. Not because of the Mueller distraction.  Nope – House GOP members are struggling to get enough votes for a simple majority for many reasons, one of which is that their tax plan will close the state and local tax deduction loophole that allows people who pay property taxes to deduct their state and local taxes from their federal income tax payment.

That doesn’t just hurt states and regular folks like us.  What this boils down to — 88 percent of households earning 1 million or more will end up paying an average of $46,550 more per year — closing this loophole hurts the donor class. And that is why this tax bill is hard for Republicans to vote yes on, not because it will threaten people’s life savings by messing with 401K tax rates, or because it will kill hundreds of thousands of people by gutting the healthcare budget so they can lower the corporate tax rate to 20%. Oh no — they are unable to move forward because this tax bill will upset their donors.

Mad? Good! We all need to be and we need to act right now. We need to call Congressman Knight and say something like:

Please reject the GOP tax plan.  Its a death sentence for Medicare & Medicaid households. And, its even bad for households that earn over $1 million dollars a year because it closes state & local tax deductions.  It ONLY benefits the super wealthy and corporations. 

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630


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