DAA Indivisible: They’re After Women Again

There is a lot going on this week.  Later the focus will be on the Tax Scam, but we can’t let them sneak this other stuff by.

Republicans are coming after women’s reproductive rights. The House Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice will hold a hearing on November 1 on the “Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017.” This bill is a draconian, anti-choice piece of legislation that would make it a federal crime for a doctor to perform an abortion on any woman whose fetus has a detectable heartbeat (which is at 6 weeks, well before many women even realize they are pregnant).

We need to contact Congressman Knight’s office and let him know he must oppose this effort to criminalize women’s reproductive health AND the doctors who help them.  This is really an outrage. Say something like:

The Congressman must oppose the Heartbeat Protection Act, a clear over reach of governmental power.

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

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