DAA Indivisible: SCV Action Today AND National Tax Scam Plans

1.  Today is a Day of Action in SCV – we’ll be talking to voters as we lay the groundwork to defeat Steve Knight and elect progressive candidates in 2018! 
We’ve planned a voter contact extravaganza with something for everyone! Choose your activity; connect with other Democrats by knocking on doors, phone banking or writing postcards. I’ll be there, hope you will.

Meet at 10am on Sunday, October 29 at the Flip the 25th Grassroots Campaign office in the Vincenzo’s shopping center
24458 Lyons Avenue #25 Santa Clarita CA 91321.

Bring your energy. We’ll take care of the rest;
2  Here is the Indivisible plan to fight the Tax Scam so GET READY –
Republicans will drop the #TrumpTaxScam bill this Wednesday.
On Thursday, 216 House Republicans voted to pass the budget resolution, the first step in passing the Trump Tax Scam.The tax fight and the healthcare fight are the SAME FIGHT.

The stage is set for them to cut taxes for the rich and corporations by forcing cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. 
We can defeat them on our home turf. On the phone. In DC. Our voices can shape this fight.
Here’s what will happen next…

After Republicans introduce their bill on Wednesday, we expect the House to begin marking up their bill during the week of November 6 and they may vote as early as the week of November 13. As soon as the House votes, the Senate will begin marking up their bill. The Senate will likely vote on their bill right before or right after Thanksgiving.

Republicans are already struggling to get this bill off the ground. The House had 20 Republicans defect during their vote on the budget resolution teeing up the Tax Scam.

Who are the targets? Good question. EVERY STATE is a target state. We beat TrumpCare because we demonstrated a massive wave of opposition in every corner of the country. The Trump Tax Scam deserves the same level of attention from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Here’s what we need to start building a groundswell of opposition to this bill:

  • National Call In Day, 11/2: After Republicans drop their bill on Wednesday we’ll let Mr. Knight know how you feel about this scammy bill. Many of our national allies are planning a national call in day on Thursday, November 2, so mark your calendars and get ready to light up those phone lines!
  • National Week of Action to defeat the #TrumpTaxScam, 11/6 to 11/10: Republicans will mark their tax bill up in the House the week of November 6. At the same time, Indivisible Groups across the country are coordinating a National Week of home turf events to put hard, consistent pressure on their MoCs from the get-go. With top hats and monocles. With giant checks made out to the 1% (the media love giant checks). Our national partners at MoveOn.org, MomsRising.org, the Tax March, and Americans for Tax Fairness will also be part of this action!

So, watch this site.  And get ready to roll.


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