DAA Indivisible: Big Push on Net Neutrality

Several groups are flooding my inbox with net neutrality messages. Here’s a short one from Demand Progress –

45’s FCC Chair Ajit Pai is expected to circulate a rule and announce a vote on his plan to gut net neutrality as soon as November 22, the day before Thanksgiving.

We need to ring the phones in Congress OFF THE HOOK to stop his plan.

We’re hearing there are key lawmakers who are sympathetic and considering taking action to slow Pai down, but they aren’t getting enough calls from constituents. That’s where you come in.

If we flood their offices with phone calls in defense of net neutrality, we can push them over the edge and get them to act NOW. Time is running out! Once Pai announces a vote, it becomes much, much harder to stop him.

Net neutrality means everything is free and equal on the internet. Paying more doesn’t garner better access. Net neutrality is good for small businesses that can’t compete with the big companies. It’s good for artists and creative types who need equal access to potential audiences. Here’s a refresher on neutrality.
When I heard Congressman Knight face off with a constituent on this subject at a Town Hall, it became clear he didn’t really understand net neutrality. So call Congressman Knight and say something like:

Net neutrality is very important to small businesses and creative people, so the Congressman should work hard to ensure that it is preserved.

Washington 202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

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