DAA Indivisible: Iran Deal

Because I’ll be away from my computer for a week, I’ve been trying to come up with an important last call suggestion for you. I decided on the Iran deal.  That’s because 45 circumvented his promise to end the deal by tossing the decision to Congress. Massive action CAN influence Congress. 45 thinks this is a real estate deal, and he can play tough to re-negotiate.  But the Iran deal WAS already negotiated and there are other countries involved, not just the U.S.  We can agree with 45 that Iran is fomenting Middle East instability. If he thinks he can simply invade to get his way, he’s suffering from delusion.  Iran is a sophisticated nation of 75 million people armed to the teeth with lots of allies (Iraq has 25 million – and invading Iraq didn’t go so well).  We need to be reality based, and working with other nations to limit Iran’s nuclear viability has been effective.  Even 45 understands that they are abiding by the terms of the deal, and his Cabinet members Secretary of State Tillerson and Defense Secretary Mattis, were against 45’s decertification.  If we back out, what about the other countries who were part of the deal?  Will we ever be believed again?  By any country?  How about N. Korea?  What is their motivation to come to the table?  Will our negotiating partners look to other’s (Russia) to back up their interests because our word can’t be trusted?  Here’s what Win Without War said:

Our worst fears have come true. On Friday, Donald Trump decertified the Iran deal, opening the door for Congress to blow up the deal and potentially putting us on the path to war.

It is up to Congress to make a decision on what happens next.

The Iran deal is a victory of diplomacy and cooperation over war and now we need to fight for it. Congress would have to reimpose sanctions to actually violate the deal. We cannot let this happen. We must make sure that members of Congress know that we expect them to honor our word and keep up our end of the deal.

So, call Congressman Knight and say something simple to get the message across.  Yours might be the call that makes him decide to not be part of this debacle. Say something like:

I’d like the Congressman to support the Iran deal just like Secretary of State Tillerson and Defense Secretary Mattis.  Going back on our word will not make us safer.

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

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