DAA Indivisible: Protect Mueller’s Investigation

Several progressive groups including Common Cause, Daily KOS and MoveOn are pushing a bipartisan Congressional effort to rein in 45’s sabotage of the Russia investigation.

After months of Republican obstruction, Republican Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina is co-sponsoring legislation along with Democrat John Conyers to limit Trump’s authority to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, who’s leading the Trump-Russia criminal investigation. Our pressure could get more Republican co-sponsors and help this tiny crack shatter the wall that Republicans have built around 45.

Let’s jump on the bandwagon and call Rep. Knight today to ask him to put country before party and join Rep. Jones as a Republican co-sponsor of the bill to protect the Trump-Russia investigation.
Say something like: “The Congressman should help pass the bi-partisan Jones-Conyers bill, H.R.3771, to limit Trump’s authority to fire special counsel Mueller.”

Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

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