DAA Indivisible: 45’s Environmental Pollution Agency Nominee

Quick!  Somebody tell 45 that the ‘P’ in EPA stands for Protection, not Pollution. 45’s latest nominee to the Environmental Protection Agency is a polluter-backed climate denier, William Wehrum. Nominated to head the EPA’s air pollution programs, Wehrum told climate-hawk Sen. Jeff Merkley that man-made global warming is an “open question.”   He calls ocean acidification – a major consequence of greenhouse-gas pollution – an “allegation.”

Senators on the environmental committee will soon vote on his nomination before sending it to the floor for a final confirmation vote.  A former George W. Bush EPA official and lawyer for polluters, Wehrum has a track record of trying to roll back regulations covering toxic mercury from coal fired power plants, lead, and ozone.  If all that isn’t enough,  Wehrum wants to prevent California from setting standards for new vehicles that are cleaner than the country’s standards. Sen. Merkley says, “you’ve got to be kidding me with this nominee.”  From Climate Hawks Vote

This L.A. Times article has more details: http://www.latimes.com/politics/washington/la-na-pol-essential-washington-updates-california-epa-nominee-1507140323-htmlstory.html
We’ve got to let our Senators know we support an aggressive ‘NO’ for this guy, so call them and say something like:

Please prevent William Wehrum from having anything to do with the EPA.

Senator Kamala Harris

Washington D.C. (202) 224.3553
Los Angeles (213) 894.5000

Fresno:  559.497.5109

Senator Dianne Feinstein:  
Washington:  202.224.3841
L.A.: 310.914.7300
San Diego: 619.231.9712
Fresno: 559.485.7430
San Francisco: 415.393.0707

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