DAA Indivisible: Text for DACA

Taken from United We Dream – I signed up.  It fulfills my mission to make activism easy, and it sounds both worthwhile and fun.

45 has already shut the door on new applications to DACA, denying teens who know no country but this one the ability to be protected. And today marks just three days before Trump slams the door on the rest of us – shutting the door on renewal applications forever on October 5th.  When we say our liberation is bound together, we mean it: This attack will not only impact the 800,000 DACA recipients, millions, including family, friends, and colleagues will feel its effects. That’s why on  October 5th, the arbitrary and heartless last deadline imposed by 45, we’ll jam Congress’ phone lines to demand a solution. But we need your help:

Join the UWD Texting Team
Join UWD members as we ramp up our efforts to drive 10,000 calls to Congress on October 5th.

You’ll use our app to text fellow UWD members in key states where Congressional leaders need to hear from their constituents. UWD members are moved to take action when they hear from other members like you, so you’ll let them know how important their voice is in protecting immigrant youth and ask them to commit to taking action by calling Congress. Don’t worry, once you sign up United We Dream will provide you the tools and training you need to be a texting team expert.

Your calls, coupled with the presence of UWD members in Washington D.C., will create a momentum that Congress won’t be able to ignore.The more text team volunteers who sign up to contact supporters, the more calls we will drive to Congress!

Thank you,

Adrian and the rest of the team at United We Dream

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