DAA Indivisible: Mark Your Calendars October Resistance

Easy To Do – Now!:

AB 249 We’ve been working hard on the California Disclose Act that informs voters who the money is behind those sweet sounding ad sponsors.  The bill passed both houses and is on Jerry Brown’s desk. The opposition  is surely flooding his lines, so make an easy call, and if the lines are busy, send an email, and say something simple like:

The Governor should sign AB249, the California Disclose Act.

SB634 – And while you’re at it, our good friend Lynne Plambeck, elected member of the Valencia Water Board, has reminded us that a water monopoly is not in our Valley’s interest, so we need to say to
Governor Brown:

The Governor should veto SB634.  A water monopoly is not in the Santa Clarita Valley’s interest.

Governor Brown’s Office
(916) 445-2841
If you can’t get through, send an email with the same message at:  https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/


Congressman Ted Lieu (D – CD 33) is one of our best Resistance Congressmen.   Saturday, October 14 at 1PM (courtesy of The Women’s March).   The venue is TBD as the original venue became unavailable. The word is that some 45 supporters are grabbing tickets. We don’t want them to ruin our great gift, AND, we don’t want them to give progressive resources the wrong idea about our neck of the woods.   This is a special FREE opportunity to hear an inspiring powerhouse.  So get your FREE tickets and sign your friends up NOW at  –


I hope to see you there. 


FYI – More info on Congressman Lieu – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Lieu

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