DAA Indivisible: DIE IN/CALL IN

There will be actions all over the country on Monday, September 25.  Here’s a re-post on Monday’s FB Die-In, which I thought would be fun and easy to participate in..Your motivation is that, notwithstanding McCain’s protestations,Graham-Cassidy isn’t dead until September 30.  The big guns are pouring in the ‘bribes’ and working the room, so do your part.  

On Monday, September 25, the country dies, as TrumpCare murders ACA.

Please take a picture of yourself dying w/ tombstone or a sign.
Post it on your social media (FB & Twitter) on Monday, September 25, with hashtags:


If you do not have a twitter account, please post your picture on this event page & our team will push it out on Twitter for you.


AN EASY, MORE SERIOUS EMAIL ACTION – From Georgia Indivisible Coalition

On Monday they will have a sham hearing! After the last healthcare vote in July, Senators McCain, Murkowski, and Collins called for regular order (hearings, expert testimony–you know, thorough debate around bills that impact tens of millions of Americans and one-sixth of our economy! Crazy!).

In an effort to claim that they’re following “regular order,” Mitch McConnell has scheduled a 2PM hearing for Monday in the Senate Finance Committee.

The hearing record needs to be filled with strong statements of opposition from organizations and individuals with stories of the devastating impact this would have on people, including people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions.

The following email address will be active for the public to submit testimony for Monday’s hearing: GCHcomments@finance.senate.gov. This is where groups and individuals can send letters, testimony, video links, photos, stories, etc. regarding the proposed legislation. Please copy your U.S. Senator when emailing your comments, letters, videos, etc.


Comments to be submitted by 1:00 p.m. ET on Monday 9/25/2017.

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