DAA Indivisible: Let’s Keep Up the Pressure

News reports say that Mitch McConnell has scheduled a Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare vote for next week.  He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t think he had 50 Senators lined up for a win.  This is pretty bad, but we can’t give up the fight.  If Graham-Cassidy passes in the Senate there will still be a vote in the House.  Below is a modified Daily KOS note.  The gist is to call Knight. Even if you have called before, do it again. Have your friends and relatives call.  We MUST keep up the pressure. Knight MUST know we are screaming mad.

This horror of a bill to repeal Obamacare, Graham-Cassidy, is a threat that affects all of us. In a sick Republican Robin Hood-esque twist, this bill brings a new provision to essentially punish those states that expanded Medicaid of their own volition – by slashing billions of dollars in their funding to give to states that “obeyed” the cruel conservative agenda and did not expand Medicaid.  (It cuts California’s Medicaid in half.  If you’ve ever visited a nursing home, you’ve probably seen people in allotted Medicaid beds. Every California nursing home has them. My husband’s mother went through all her savings in her last years, and was lucky enough to get a Medicaid bed in a good place.  Without those beds, where will those people go?  What about all those elderly and disabled people who have nobody? Those who have outlived their spouses and their savings?).  Call Steve Knight and tell him  that this is unacceptable – California shouldn’t be punished for prioritizing healthcare.

Call Representative Stephen Knight at (202) 225-1956. When your call is answered by a live person or by voicemail, you can leave this message:

Hi, my name is __________________ from zip code __________________. I strongly oppose Graham-Cassidy.  Congressman Knight should vote against it because it cuts California funding to reward states that didn’t expand Medicaid.A ‘yes’ vote is saying ‘yes’ to stealing from California.  

Since we live in a state that elected to expand Medicaid, this directly affects us. This is how Republicans plan to respond in exchange for California’s decision to preserve and grow funding for the elderly, Americans with disabilities and other communities who desperately need healthcare. California and other Medicaid expansion states should not be penalized for caring for their most vulnerable.

There’s no way around it: a Republican in a Medicaid expansion state who votes for Graham-Cassidy will be complicit with the plan to steal money and opportunities from voters in their own state. Currently, we only need 23 House Republicans to oppose this bill, and there are 117 of them in the 31 states that voted to expand Medicaid. Flood their phone lines now and tell them that you’re aware of the plan and that their actions will inform your vote for them in the future.

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