DAA Indivisible: Imminent Danger of Trumpcare

TrumpCare by any other name (this time Graham-Cassidy)  is still TrumpCare. TrumpCare is back and Republicans are as close as they’ve ever been to passing it. An end to Medicaid for the poor as we know it, back to pre-existing conditions. A giant hole in the California budget.  The whole ball of wax (disguised as state’ rights).  There are 12 days left for the Senate to ram healthcare through reconciliation with just 50 votes. McConnell is lining up votes, and McCain said he’s inclined to vote for it. This is TrumpCare’s last stand. We need to call our senators ASAP and tell them to vote no on “Graham-Cassidy”. (They WILL vote NO, but our calls give them ammunition to speak loudly and clearly.  Just say something like:

Please vote NO on Graham-Cassidy!

Senator Kamala Harris

Washington D.C. (202) 224.3553
Los Angeles (213) 894.5000

Fresno:  559.497.5109

Senator Dianne Feinstein:  
Washington:  202.224.3841
L.A.: 310.914.7300
San Diego: 619.231.9712
Fresno: 559.485.7430
San Francisco: 415.393.0707

Stay tuned.  On Tuesday, Indivisible will provide a super effective calling tool so Indivisibles from red states, blue states, and purple states alike can take action to stop this bill by reaching out to progressive constituents in our four target states: Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee, and West Virginia.DAA Indivisible can do this.  If we each  make just a couple of calls we can be responsible for a thousand!  So, prep yourself.  You can do it!

This tool is a vital part of creating the wave of constituent power we need to stop this bill once and for all. 

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