DAA Indivisible: They’re Going After the Disabled

Not so long ago there were just stairs, not ramps on side walk corners and in front of hotels, restaurants and office buildings. Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 to provide people with disabilities equal access to employment, government services, public accommodations and businesses, and transportation.
H.R. 620 is a GOP bill to eliminate incentives that ensure businesses are accessible, and it is ready for a full floor vote. If passed, people with disabilities would have to notify a business that their rights are violated and wait 6 months for the business to address the issues, and only then bring the matter to court. And there are no penalties if the business can show it is making ‘substantial progress’ so it could theoretically take years to accommodate people with disabilities. .By shifting compliance responsibility from businesses to people with disabilities, Congress will destroy a key element of the ADA. (From 5 Calls)

What kind of values lead representatives to work hard against the ability of the disabled to fully participate in civic life? This is one more GOP bill to make us gag. Call Steve Knight’s office and say something like:

H.R. 620 creates roadblocks against Americans with Disabilities Act workplace accommodations, and it will soon be up for a floor vote. The Congressman should vote NO on this callous bill.

Washington 202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630

Don’t forget the Health Care Rally at Congressman Knight’s office Tuesday, September 19th at 11 AM

26415 Carl Boyer Drive, 91350

Please bring signs. RSVP http://www.facebook.com/events/194551127752686/

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