DAA Indivisible: Healthcare Rally Tuesday 9/19

Yesterday I posted on the Graham-Cassidy last ditch attempt to take away healthcare.  Of course,they smile when they say the states will have more freedom to tailor healthcare to their needs.  That sounds great until you learn that their bill makes huge cuts to overall spending, AND takes money away from states that were successful administering the ACA (e.g. the blue states like California) and gives it to red states.  And, the states will have the right to cut coverage for basics like childbirth!  

The Senate could call a vote on this bill as early as next week and then it would move right to Congress for a vote.  We need to ACT NOW!

The Graham Cassidy bill would mean the following for California:

  • Eliminate all federal funding for the Affordable Care Act, making  healthcare unaffordable for 2.3 million Californians who buy individual coverage
  • Directly threaten coverage for the 14.1 million Californians who get coverage through Medi-Cal
  • Slash Medi-Cal funding by $114.6 billion between 2017 and 2020
  • Put 100% of the financial responsibility for increasing healthcare costs and public health emergencies on the state budget.
  • To pay for cuts of this magnitude, California would have to reduce its Medi-Cal enrollment by ⅓, eliminate benefits such as In-Home Supportive Services, or reduce already inadequate provider rates.
  • AND to top it all off, they want to take the money that they’d cut out of  CA healthcare programs and GIVE IT TO RED STATES!!!
We need to tell Congressman Knight to vote NO to massive healthcare cuts for his constituents!!  Call the Congressman and say something like:
The Senate’s Graham-Cassidy bill is bad for healthcare and worse for Californians.  If it gets to the House, vote no for Graham Cassidy and YES for California.
Washington  202.225.1956
SCV 661.255.5630
PLUS mark your calendars!
What – Rally at Congressman Knight’s office to SAVE HEALTHCARE
When – Tuesday, September 19th at 11 AM
Where – Congressman Knight’s Santa Clarita office, 26415 Carl Boyer Drive, 91350
Please bring signs.  More info soon.

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