DAA Indivisible: 45 Wants More Homeless

Note – Yesterday I had the privilege of being part of an Indivisible leadership group that met with Senator Kamala Harris’ staffer Jackson. One thing I came away with is that calls work.  Even the the calls we make to thank the Senator for taking a stand on something we know she supports.  Calls are tallied and used by the Senator when she shows constituent support for her votes.  Calls to the agencies such as HUD also work.  If you just leave a message, it is still tallied. So, keep on doing this good work.  It is important!

The administration’s proposed budget calls for more than $7 billion in cuts to the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).Hundreds of thousands rely on essential housing programs like Section 8 and community development grants. Defunding housing programs, while giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to Wall Street, is an insult to our poorest communities.

We need to call Secretary of HUD Ben Carson to demand that he stop these cuts, and instead call for full funding of federal housing programs. Expect a recording, so i.d. yourself with name and city.  I had to be connected to several extensions before finding the below number! Nobody quite understood what I meant when I said I wanted to ‘make a comment on policy’.   I’ve called other agencies, and gotten right to a comment line, so I have to lay this dysfunction at the feet of Ben Carson.  If we can make a lot of noise, maybe he’ll wake up, literally, so have your friends call, too.   Say something like:

Hi. This is [__________] from [_____________]. I’m calling about the administration’s budget proposing big cuts to HUD. I hope the Secretary will fight to fully fund federal housing programs because they serve and protect our communities.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Washington, DC
Telephone: (202) 708.0417

NOT on the number aboveE: I’ve received a list member report that calling the number I suggested for Secretary Carson at Housing and Urban Development reaches a recording for ‘Secretary Sweet’.  It sounds like that, but it the voice is really saying ‘Secretary’s Suite’.

If you had this problem call the main number (202) 708-1112 and ask to be transferred to the Secretary’s Suite.

It is an important call, If nothing else, you now know that Ben Carson may be a good brain surgeon, but he’s a horrible administrator.  And, maybe the administration wants it that way.  If you have a moment, give it a try.

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