DAA Indivisible: Can Vote-a-Rama Save the Day?

Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of Indivisible and former Congressional staffer has come up with a hardball suggestion for Blue State Senators  Levin says they should filibuster by amendment.“Republicans are using a special process called “reconciliation” to jam through TrumpCare. This means they only need 51 votes, instead of the usual 60, to pass it. But the trade-off is that they have to allow an unlimited number of amendments. Any Senator can file as many amendments as they want and then call them up for a vote on the Senate floor during a period called “vote-a-rama.” Democratic Senators can and should plan thousands of amendments and keep them going until Republicans agree to have public hearings on the bill.”

I did some research and frankly, understanding the arcane rules of the Senate requires more credentials than I have. However, I did find an 6/25/17 article from Daily KOS writer Bethesda 1971 who says:

“I called my Senator (who is in the leadership) to urge him to support the tactic. The responding staffer said he wasn’t sure if the Senator was considering it. On twitter, someone who called Feinstein’s and Harris’s offices said their staffers were unaware of it.  So let’s make them aware of it.”

The Republicans are about to spring their abomination. We are in a battle to literally save lives.  My suggestion is that we deliver the vote-a-rama message to our Senators.  If Ezra Levin got something wrong, our Senators will tell us.  If Ezra Levin is correct, we are giving our Senators a tool to match the Republican secret process and possibly put a stop to a bill with horrible ramifications. This is an exciting action. I hope you’ll make the calls.

So, call Senators Feinstein and Harris and say something like:

I’m concerned about the GOP use of a secret reconciliation process for the ACHA.  I understand that during the reconciliation process Senators can file as many amendments as they want and call them up for a vote during a vote-a-rama period.  Can the Senator participate in this until Republicans agree to have public hearings?

Kamala Harris
Washington:  202.224.3553

Dianne Feinstein
Washington:  202.224.3841
L.A.: 310.914.7300
San Diego: 619.231.9712
Fresno: 559.485.7430
San Francisco: 415.393.0707

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