DAA Indivisible: March for Truth

“We have marched in support of immigrants, we have marched for women’s rights, we have rallied for health care, now it is time to fight for something absolutely essential to the continued functioning of our democracy. On June 3, we will March for Truth. Truth is such a seemingly simple request. And yet in the Trumpian world of alternative facts, coverups and outright lies, truth has seemed always out of reach. Now that Trump took the unprecedented and deeply troubling step of firing the very man investigating his ties to Russia, learning the truth seems more difficult a task than ever before.” Krystal Ball, Huffpost

Peaceful demonstrations are scheduled on Saturday, June 3, nationwide in more than 40 cities.  In Los Angeles – 11AM/Pershing Square. 

DIRECTIONS TO PERSHING SQUARE from SCV – if you don’t want to drive (parking downtown can be tough and expansive)

MetroLink takes about an hour to Union Station. Buy tickets on the platform ahead of time – the MetroLink ticket you buy at the station has a transfer (online app does not).

Pick up the train at either Via Princessa station, Santa Clarita station (on Soledad) or Jan Heidt Station in Newhall. Schedules, prices, locations are here:   http://www.metrolinktrains.com/home/ (I hear the week end rate is better but you have to buy on Saturday).  When I took this train to the last march it left at 10AM train  from the Santa Clarita station, Now, the site says it leaves 10:07AM (but you should check ahead yourself to make sure there have been no schedule changes). It was very easy to transfer at Union Station to Pershing Square…the train to Pershing Square is near the Union Station Starbucks and leaves every few minutes and there will be crowds of fellow marchers to guide you.. While its nice to be on time, the marches don’t get started exactly on time, there are a lot of people in them, and you should have no trouble with time.  To get back to SCV just take the nearest Metro Red Line back to Union Station (there are a few stations along the march route).  The downside is that the return Metrolink trains scheduled as of today leave Union Station at 2:15pm and 3:50pm. I found it really easy to make the 2:15pm Red Line after the last march I attended, and the group I was with even grabbed a bite to eat.

Red Line trains directly from North Hollywood to Pershing Square leave often from the Red Line station in North Hollywood, 5273 Lankershim Blvd. if you want to drive down there. Parking can be dicey. The tickets are a little cheaper than Metrolink.  The benefit is that there is no need to transfer.  Here’s a list from the City of Santa Clarita of places to purchase cards…
I’ve never done this so check ahead of time: http://santaclaritatransit.com/files/2016/11/Pass-sales-outlets.jpg

March for Truth marches in other cities can be found here.

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