DAA Indivisible: EPA Clean Power Plan

45 instructed the EPA to begin dismantling the Clean Power Plan, a sweeping Obama-era law designed to get 47 states to slash greenhouse-gas emissions from  coal plants.But revising or repealing a regulation that’s already on the books isn’t so simple. The EPA will have to go through the same arduous, months-long rule making process it used to create the regulations in the first place. And part of that process involves seeking comments from the public.
The EPA has created a page on Regulations.gov (https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190-0042)  where the public can comment. Just click the button in the upper right that says “Comment Now.” As of late last week, only 1,268 comments have been sent, most of which appear to oppose repealing the air-quality regulations.


This is something you can easily do, so please write a short note.  Here are a couple of widely different examples from the above link.  It is OK to copy or modify to express your own feelings: Its the numbers!

The existing regulations are in place for a reason They were enacted to fill a public need for clean water and air. Undoing these regulations is not in the public interest. Short term thinking and ignoring basic facts is sure way to be on the wrong side of history.”Don’t do this!

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