DAA Indivisible: We Haven’t Forgotten Trump’s Taxes

Not sayin’ that Assad doesn’t deserve a kick in the you know what (actually, way worse).  But, the president was at 35% approval, shock and awe is the oldest trick in the book, and the missile attack was suspiciously the exact opposite of the administration’s position earlier in the same week!  (And the Russians were warned ahead of time, (as they should have been), Putin gets to act enraged, and the reports are that the field is up and running again).

So, this week I’ll share my list of things I’m not forgetting and I hope you won’t forget them either.  In honor of the Tax March this Saturday, (details at the bottom of the page) I’ll start with…

What you can do during April Recess to Get Trump’s Tax Returns:

Demand that Congressman Knight and our two Senators Feinstein and Harris co-sponsor the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would require Donald Trump to make his tax returns public.

The Presidential Tax Transparency Act

This simple bill would require President Trump and future major party presidential nominees to release the three most recent years of their tax returns, with only minor redactions for privacy. If they refuse, the Treasury would provide the returns to the Office of Government Ethics or Federal Election Commission.

Call Steve Knight’s office and say

I would like the congressman to  co-sponsor the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, or H.R. 305, a bipartisan bill with support on both sides of the aisle.

Call our Senators and say:

I would like the Senator to co-sponsor the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, or S. 26. [As of today there are 21 sponsors, but our Senators’ names are not on the list].

Tax March Los Angeles


MetroLink takes about an hour to Union Station. Buy tickets on the platform ahead of time – the MetroLink ticket you buy at the station has a transfer (online app does not).

Pick up the train at either Via Princessa station, Santa Clarita station (on Soledad) or Jan Heidt Station in Newhall. Schedules, prices, locations are here:   http://www.metrolinktrains.com/home/ (I hear the week end rate is better but you have to buy on Saturday).  When I checked there was a 10AM train scheduled  from the Santa Clarita station, but you should check ahead yourself to make sure there have been no schedule changes.

Transfer at Union Station to the Red Line to Pershing Square..When you get off MetroLink you walk downstairs and follow the signs…the crowds will lead you – Pershing Square is just a couple of stops.

-Diana Shaw, DAA Indivisble

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