Indivisible Alert – MoveOn Action In Front of Rep Knights Office

I’ll have an action later in the day, but some interesting items came through the ethers this morning, and I want to share with you before I run out to classes and a tax prep meeting.

First.  MoveOn is promoting an action in front of Congressional offices.  However, I have not been able to trace who is coordinating in this area.  I leave it to you…and if you find any additional information, let me know and I’ll broadcast.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t forward this notice to you

Dear MoveOn member,

As Donald Trump and Republican leaders race to push through Congress the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, your member of Congress is shaping up to be one of the pivotal votes.

The Republican bill will overhaul health care as we know it, stripping health care from millions of Americans, raising costs for the middle class and elderly, defunding Planned Parenthood, and weakening existing protections—all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and health care CEOs. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office just determined that 14 million Americans would lose coverage immediately under the bill and 24 million more Americans would be uninsured in just 10 years.1

We can stop Trumpcare, but we have little time because the Republican strategy is to rush the bill through at lightning speed before people really understand how damaging it will be.

That’s why MoveOn members and allies are launching Congressional Stakeouts to Save Health Care this Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17, when senators will be home for a district work period. We’re especially targeting nine Republican senators and 23 Republican representatives who will likely cast decisive votes.

We’re going to gather outside their district offices from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on both Thursday and Friday. By holding vigil all day at their offices, we’ll make sure that anyone coming in or out of the office—staff, visitors, the members of Congress themselves—have to come face-to-face with us, their constituents, and our health care stories, our signs, our songs, our hopes, our anger, and our cheers.

Will you sign up for one or more one-hour shifts during the vigil in Santa Clarita?

Yes, count me in!

If just three senators vote against Trumpcare, we can stop the bill—and there are nine senators who we believe could be swayed.

We even have a shot to stop it in the House, where we’d need 22 Republicans to vote against it. We’re focusing on Republicans in districts that Trump lost—places where the members have an especially acute risk in upcoming elections if they turn their backs on their constituents’ outrage over the bill. With members of the conservative Freedom Caucus threatening to vote no for very different reasons, we could see a surprising group of 22 members that collectively stop the bill.

It’s very possible. And with health care as we know it at stake—we simply need to go all-in to try.

But we have a matter of days to stop the bill, which is why we’re asking:

Will you sign up now for one or more one-hour shifts this Thursday and/or Friday during our Stakeouts to Save Health Care in Santa Clarita? All it takes is a few people committing to fill a one-hour shift (or a few, if you can!).

Yes, I’m in! I’ll sign up now.

The theme is health care emergency—so bring crutches, slings, stethoscopes, anything you’ve got that signifies health care. (Also needed: snacks, coffee, hand-warmers in cold areas, and lawn chairs!)

And you don’t have to stay all day or anything close to it—just choose the hour-long shift or shifts that work best for you. We’re especially hoping to turn folks out in the morning when the staff opens up the office, but any time between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. works.

We can do this—and both save health care and stop the GOP’s top priority. But it’s going to take all of us, stepping up and speaking out, especially in Santa Clarita.

Thanks for all you do.

—Emily, Sandra, Brian, Katie, and the rest of the team

Second, a note from our sister Indivisible Santa Clarita group in which we get to see Rachel Maddow featuring a clip from our Town Hall in which Knight tells us he wants to see Trump’s taxes to our cheers, and she reminds us he voted against seeing the taxes 3 days later.  Thank you Ariel.


“Thought you folks would like to see a video I took from Rachel’s show tonight.  Shows our recent town hall and Steve Knight lying to us and then voting against releasing Trump’s taxes. 

Here’s a link to our Facebook page.  It’s the top posting.  BTW, if you haven’t already, sign up and join our FB group.  

And just a reminder, we’ll be marching to get Trump to release his taxes on April 15th in downtown L.A.  If you want to travel there in comfort and not deal with clogged transportation and want access to a bathroom and snacks,  please be sure to get your money to Bob for your bus ride ASAP!  

Again, here’s the details:

Bob has arranged two buses (each seats 56 people).  This march is organized by the same people who organized the Women’s March.   Cost is $25 per person round trip, including snacks and drinks (and bathroom!). The bus will stage at the Sears parking lot. Everyone should arrive by 9a and be back at the bus by 3:30p.  It will park in a designated Japantown area during the rally.  If you plan to attend, check must be sent to Bob Skerstonas, 13614 Woolsey Way, Santa Clarita 91390 no later than March 25th.”

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