Indivisible Alert – Under GOP Plan 24 Million Will Lose Their Insurance

I was going to post on a different topic, but the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced its findings yesterday – Under the GOP Plan 24 million will lose their insurance coverage, 14 million by next year.  List member Lauren Pratt sent a complete summary of the effects of the ACA by district:


Our 25th makes some headlines.

Of all the Republican districts in the entire U.S., California’s 25th ranks 31st in the decline of uninsured since the ACA.  That’s right.  Counting Republican districts only, Steve Knight’s district has benefited notably from the ACA.  He hasn’t shown us how taking ACA insurance opportunities from his constituents who had no insurance previous to the ACA, will benefit our district.  Nor how the lack of financial stability for these people who have insurance now will help the small businesses in the communities where they can now afford to take an economic chance.  Republicans keep saying something about how their plan will increase ‘choice’ among insurance consumers, but Knight’s constituents had insurance choices before, they just couldn’t afford them.  The 25th also ranks 33 in Republican districts for Medicaid expansion.  (52,700 covered).  That’s coverage for the disabled, children the poor and the elderly, and he’s looking forward to capping those figures. Here’s a good summary from USA Today (released before the horrific CBO score).

Remember that we are effective when we call in numbers.  So, it is time for everyone on this list and your friends and relatives to call the Congressman’s voice mail again.  Tell him:

I saw the CBO scores. Don’t mess with the financial stability of 80,000 of your constituents who have benefited from the ACA – a higher percentage here than in most other Republican districts. Repairing the ACA means making good coverage affordable, not cutting health care to pay back wealthy donors.

Congressman Knight: 202.225.1956
Congressman Knight’s SCV Office: 661.255.5630

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