URGENT:  Say NO to Newhall Ranch

URGENT:  Say NO to Newhall Ranch

Response Needed by the end of the day on February 13, 2017

Two projects within the Newhall Ranch development are under review for specific issues related to greenhouse gas emissions and federally protected species. The Center for Biological Diversity is urging people to send comments to the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning by end of day, February 13, urging the County to reject Newhall Ranch’s proposed Mission and Landmark villages.

You can send the letter (below) through the CBD website at:

Or email the message to the following addresses:

County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning
Email:  Specialprojects@planning.lacounty.gov

County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning
Email:  daranda@planning.lacounty.gov

I recommend you also send comments to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. While CBD directs their message to the above email addresses, the CDFW instruct interested parties to email the department directly at  AskR5@wildlife.ca.gov


I’m writing to urge you to reject Newhall Ranch’s latest proposal; the Mission and Landmark “villages” are an ill-conceived new city cloaked in feel-good promises of “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions. In reality, many of the emissions reductions won’t occur on site, or even in California, but instead, would come from carbon marketers selling offsets of an unknown quantity. The environmental impact reports contain no clear standards to ensure that offsets represent real, enforceable, verifiable reductions that wouldn’t have occurred anyway.

What’s more, although Newhall is now promising “no water contact” bridge construction to protect the highly imperiled stickleback fish, there are no safeguards in place to ensure this federally protected species won’t be harmed through the life of the project.

That’s why I urge the county to reject these projects and not certify the current environmental impact reports, which focus solely on greenhouse gasses and stickleback. The Mission and Landmark projects remain a disaster for the Santa Clara River and valley. And at a minimum, the county must embark on a full environmental review that reflects current standards for smart growth instead of trying to implement an outdated, 14-year-old “Newhall Specific Plan” through piecemeal environmental review.


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